Introducing StimSure® – state-of-the-art, non-invasive muscle building and toning technology from Cynosure.


Give Your Patients a Sculpted Physique and Perfectly Defined Confidence

The new electromagnetic device delivers 24,000 muscle contractions in just 20-30 minutes for natural-looking, consistent results.

• Builds and tones muscle safely with visible results
• Suitable for most patients
• Short treatment time of between 20-30 minutes, depending on the muscle  group being targeted
• 6-8 treatments (2 times a week) for optimum results
• Pre-set programmes allow personalised treatment plans
• Tailored marketing support and advice from the experts at Cynosure
StimSure is the newest addition to the Cynosure portfolio of body contouring products, making it the most complete selection in the industry. Combined with SculpSure technology for fat destruction and skin tightening treatments with TempSure, you can now offer your patients a full body shaping package.
Achieving desired and consistent results with heat and cool based technologies alone can be a challenge, but with the Cynosure portfolio you can holistically treat your patients and help them attain their body goals.

How Does StimSure Work?

An electromagnetic field from the StimSure paddles, creates an electric current to engage the muscles.
The muscle contracts like it would during movement/ exercise. The stimulation keeps the muscles contracted tense repeatedly – ‘maximal tetanic contraction’.
The electric current stimulates an action potential in the motor neuron cells of the bodies muscles.
This consistent muscle contraction results in a more efficient growth of muscle fibres.



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Introducing StimSure® – state-of-the-art, non-invasive muscle building and toning technology from Cynosure.

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